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CARAVAN CONVERSION  is a private owner operated organisation based in Delhi, India.  Company was established in 1998 to provide Turnkey solution (Fabrication & Rental) for Motorhome/Caravans .  The Company is owned and operated by US! Sanjay Saini and my better half Bina Saini.

I was born & brought up in Delhi and comes from hospitality industry and coachbuilder’s background and my wife, was born & brought up in Kathmandu, Nepal but both come from families with extensive Caravanning & touring experience and knows what works and what doesn’t. Initially, we had started our business as Motorhome Hire/Rental services in India, which now also includes conversion/building of any new chassis or pre-owned Buses/Coaches to a custom-made Caravan/Motorhome/RV as per customer’s specifications.

We’ll be happy to provide you all the pertinent info which you’re looking for, in regard to motorhome building/rentals and it will be a great honor to work with your esteem organisation and to explore the possibilities of people, to book our motorhomes in the Indian Sub-Continent though your pursue. You can contact undersigned for any clarifications.

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Why Us ?

We wanted a luxurious yet comfortable vehicle that could eliminate the need of a hotel or a restaurant. That being our prime motive gave birth to the very first asset that was created back there in the year 1998. The asset did several successful trips to sectors like Leh, Chaar Dham and has rolled through each and every location of our incredible India. The thought of families having their own moving home felt magnetic thus we began creating motorhome / campervan / caravan according to clients specifications and with our experience and hardwork we have done several projects, that includes building of two twin caravans and a food truck for Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Pizza truck for Lalit Hotel, and a customised vehicle for Sulabh International. Our work is not limited to the country itself we have even created a dozen of luxurious assets for Nepal and campervan for Bhutan itself. All along these years we have grown and challenged our previous self but our idea of creating clients vision on a vehicle hasn’t changed and we are looking forward to create the dream asset for each of our client.

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